A chance for a better life

The »Rosmary Project” supports the construction of the school to be built at the Kalahrdaya Centre. Help us to reach this goal!

In «Kalahrdaya» Dalit-Families experience that they are valuable despite their poorness

Kalahrdaya is a social project for the »marginalized”, the poor and oppressed without rights on the margins of Indian society. On the outskirts of Calcutta, Father Saju George SJ founded a centre for children and young people from very poor families. Students from near and far are taught here. No matter the penury, this is all about a future lived in dignity. Kalahrdaya was established to allow children from disadvantaged Dalit families (so-called untouchables) to attend school. This work includes, among other things, education, health training, and religious chaperonage.The Rosmary Project sponsors the construction of the school at the Kalahrdaya Centre. This is not primarily a matter of buildings or stones, but rather of »investing” in hidden talents. Fostered and encouraged in this manner, today’s children and youngsters who do not stand a chance shall, in the future, find new, hitherto closed doors opening.

The dream of a better life

The parents don't have another choice. They have to work as day laborers in order to sustain their families. They don't have money for dance lessons for their children. The parents are very grateful that their children can come to Father Sajus classes. Father Saju SJ teaches the children and young people of the surroundings villages not only English, but also yoga, music, and Bharata Natyam, the traditional temple dance.To come to Father Saju’s lessons is something truly great for the children of Bakeswar, 40 rickshaw minutes from the centre of Calcutta. «They will be able to find a Job as teacher, musician or actor. They are enabelde to take their lifes in their hands and help to take care of their families. We want to support them and educate them to become socialy engaged citiziens with a universal horizon», says Father Saju George SJ. With your donation, you will support the constructionof the school at the Kalahrdaya Centre and invest in the hidden talents of disadvantaged children.

The »Rosmary Project” sponsors the construction of the school to be built at the Kalahrdaya Centre

The Foundation »Jesuits worldwide” accompanies and supports the Kalahrdaya Project of Father Saju George SJ (Societas Jesu) in India. The Centre is located near Kolkata (Calcutta); its name, Kalahrdaya, means »the heart of art”